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Our Team 


Kristi Crocker - Executive Director

Kara DeVriendt - Literacy Lead, Curriculum & Intervention Coordinator

Taylor Crocker - Business Manager
Abby McLane - Administrative Assistant

Teaching Staff:

Chasidi Grant - Children's House Lead Teacher

Renee Huberty - Children's House Lead Teacher

Kiersten Kralovetz - 1st & 2nd Grade Lead Teacher

Ashley Gangestad - 1st & 2nd Grade Lead Teacher

Emily Sipprell - 3rd & 4th Grade Lead Teacher

Rachel Hanford - 3rd & 4th Grade Lead Teacher

Shawna Sachs - 5th & 6th Grade Lead Teacher (Ms. Shawna's Wish List)

Kayla Huether, Physical Education

Dawn Snook - Special Education Case Manager & Teacher
Nicholas Forbes - Special Education Teacher


Teaching/Educational Assistants:

Jenni Blessing - Preschool Lead & Children's House Teacher Assistant
Cora Collins - Children's House Teacher Assistant
Amanda Bell - Education Assistant

Tom Lytle - Behavior Interventionist

Katie McGuire - Education Assistant

Sara Prettyman - Education Assistant

Lillian Kujala - Education Assistant

Meghan Smith - Education Assistant

Hannah Reynolds - Education Assistant

Jordan Buckles - Education Assistant

Christine Peterson - Education Assistant

Betsy Peterson - Education Assistant

Annette Matich - Lunch, Office and After Care Assistant


Reading & Math Intervention:

Ann Weber - Reading Interventionist

Terry Ely - Minnesota Reading Corps Tutor

Emily Jolie - Minnesota Reading Corps Tutor

Maddie Anderson - Minnesota Reading Corps Tutor

Mary Morris - Minnesota Math Corps Tutor



Jen Miller - District Assessment Coordinator

Michael Strange - Technology Coordinator


Mike Knakmuhs - Boiler Engineer

Brian Collins - Janitor

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