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Bad Weather

posted Nov 17, 2016, 7:07 PM by Kristi Crocker
Should it ever be necessary to cancel school, due to bad weather, please listen to local FM radio programming in the morning on 93.3, 106.7, 103.5, 107.5, or watch the news TV- WCCO, KSTP or KARE 11 for updates. DWMS will start late or close any time BRAINERD SCHOOL DISRTRICT # 181 is a late start or closes. The reason is that DWMS uses the Brainerd bus transportation system to transport our students to and from school daily. If school is starting late, please keep in mind that the staff may also be late, so DO NOT bring your child to school at the normal time.

No phone announcements.

If weather causes a one hour late start, do not bring your child before 9:30. If it is a two hour late start, do not bring them before 10:30. If school closes early due to bad weather, announcements will be made and you can be alerted to the early close on the radio or TV, as well as in a late start.

We will not know about an early school closing until we get the official notification that the Brainerd School District is starting late or closing.

Also, please do not ask the school office to call relatives of a student, to tell them school will be closed and they need to pick up a child for you. If you feel there is a chance that school may close early, please inform family members to watch the news, so they can become informed that way. We cannot possibly be responsi­ble to call family members for you, at the time of closing. The students will need to be picked up as soon as possible, following the closing .